We know what means for you WEDDING Day. It’s the biggest day for every person’s life. Love should be in any detail. That is why you should choose Tropikal Resort Durres. From exotic wedding to a metropolitan, from classic wedding to very romantic and very intimate, we make sure your dreams come true. We have numerous planning locations, beach wedding, garden wedding, pool wedding, restaurant wedding. It’s up to you to choose.
We have a consolidates experience in organizing weddings from formal dinner to casual cocktail parties. Just trust us to coordinate every detail, from the guest list and accommodations to the menu, from the perfect wine to art fruit and desserts. We arrange everything adding unique and personalized elements dedicated to the bride and groom. For us the Décor is a matter of art, from the entrance, the lights, music, and the wedding room where everything, every color is combined carefully. The most favorite color is white, combined mostly with gold or light blue. Every detail matters. And flowers are everywhere.
We offer cocktail menu and dinner/lunch menu. It’s up to choose what kind of menu you wish for your wedding, but sure we are there to suggest the right thing. If you wants seafood as a main plate, we suggest the varieties of salads and other dishes who combine and taste together. For us the time of wedding is important to decide for the menu, being it lunch, dinner or cocktails. Knowing the time we suggest what is the best menu to serve. Every food served and cooked is very fresh. The way of serving is art for us. Appetizer, second and third dishes are not only delicious but even beautiful to see. The wine and other drinks are chosen carefully. And the dessert is magnific
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